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My designs

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sister-in-law's birthday present

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday. Here is a sneak peak at the earrings I made for her. I love these black stoneware, unglazed spikes (made by Petra of Scorched Earth on Etsy, here ). I hung them under Kyanite sticks, and a tiny Labradorite dangle, with Fallen Angel Brass (here ), and antiqued copper wire (antiqued by me).

Hope she likes them.

Here are some earrings and sets that I made quite a while ago, in fact, some early in my jewelry-making attempts. Thought I would take some photos to get me back in the swing of updating my blog.

Argentium sterling silver used for some of these. The above earwires were made by Mikel of Muphintops (here). The hollow lampwork beads, the larger pink above and the sapphire ones below were create by Alisha White (here).

The above raku coloured beads were made by Daniel/Janelle of  The Lampwork Beads.

These small black and white lampwork beads were made by Jeannie, here . They are tiny, and so sweet. This is as far as I can go with asymmetrical earrings - two similar, but not identical beads. The earwires are Argentium sterling, from Rio Grande. I love to make earwires, but I have had to think about the limited time I have to create jewellery, and components. It is not just the shaping them, but the tumbling time, etc. Sometimes, you just have to focus on what you have time for.

This set is my favourite for Spring and Summer. The metal is all Argentium sterling (who needs to polish), and the lampwork beads were made by Kim of Mandrel2, here . This is one of my earlier pieces I made, and I still love to wear it. I love the colour combinations, and the size of the beads. The wire wrapping is not well done, but I love to look at it and see how far I have come.

This set is from my jewellery box as well. It gets lots of comments. The metal is Argentium sterling silver and the lovely, large S-hook was made by Ralph at Unkamen Supplies (here). Isn't that so gorgeous? I also got the interchangeable earwires from Ralph. The beads are from The Lampwork Beads, and the stones are lapis lazuli.

Sorry for the long post, but I took the photos and felt that I needed to get another post done. Spring is finally here, and my first spring flowers are blooming. The sun was shining today, and it is all good (as Pete the Cat says - those of you with children may know this series of storybooks).  Have a great day.


  1. Andrea, I am so pleased to find your blog today. Love those earrings for your sister-in-law. I just discovered scorched earth recently and love those unglazed spikes. And the blue from the Kayanite is so cool. And all your other earrings are just beautiful. How do you like our Spring weather today. Most of our schools have a 2 hour delay and it really is icy out.

  2. I just discovered Petra's Scorched Earth store too.
    I do resort to earrings when I have limited time to make something.

    It is icy here too. Buses are cancelled, but the schools are open. Enough with this winter, right?!! I had my spring jacket on the other day. Let's hope we are back to that in a couple of days.

  3. By the way Mary, I have been wearing those copper fold-formed earrings from your class, a lot. I need to do some more of those for sure. I am going to sign up for your class this year as well.