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My designs

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Green is for Spring

Green - one of my favourite colours. Is that too predictable for a redhead?
The flowerbeds are announcing that Spring is finally here.

Here is my poem for those first shoots of green.

Early Spring

The shoots spike up through the wet dirt
The garden is awakening
The rain gathers in dark drops
The bright greens drink it in
The sun will pull them up higher
Tulip, crocus, weed
The clean, fresh greens announce Spring.

I am waiting for the variety of greens when the leaves come out again. A most glorious range of greens in leaves and grass will be here soon, to replace the browns and greys.

Here is a necklace that I made with gorgeous green handmade components. This is all for me; how could I not keep these green little pieces of art.
     enameled maple leaf - Anne of Gardanne, here
     lampwork focal - Betsy of BetsyMN, here
     The findings are Fallen Angel Brass, and patina'd copper, clasp (by me)

I love how the two components have multiple greens. It does remind me of the variety of greens we see in Spring.

Happy Spring,


  1. Beautiful necklace. Love those greens with the black like patina. Super. The only green in my garden so far is the few leaves of the Sorrel breaking through. I am excited. But today, ice everywhere. This has got to be the very last of winter, right?

  2. Thank you Mary.
    I have my daffodils in bud (maybe coated in ice right now too), and the other spring bulbs have sent up green too. The early croci have bloomed near the house (south facing) and some other blue ones (forget the name right now). May this be the definite end of winter's icy finger reaching us.

  3. I am really loving all your new work! You should seriously consider opening an online shop. :)

  4. Thanks Susan. I still feel like a novice. I have the vision and need the practice to make the hands do it. Having fun when i can though. Andrea