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My designs

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bracelets in progress

I am excited about stringing bracelets with beads. I haven't made too many, so I am excited to work on these. I have gathered quite a few handmade ceramic beads from artists such as Gaea here, Bo Hulley here, Potterygirl1 here , Mary Harding here, Nat at Grubbi here, and Jenny of Eclectic Prairie here. I antiqued some copper wire with Liver of Sulphur. Boy, I love that effect. I also ordered seedbeads, and some waxed linen from Royalwood ltd. So here we go!

Here is a collection of beads that I may put together for a bracelet. The ceramic beads are from Bo, and the lampwork beads are from Sheri of Sheribeads here .

Have to think of a clasp. Maybe some silver jumprings, waxed linen, and a hook clasp.

Here is my first attempt. It is a tiny bit big for me, and I need to take off the dangling star (I found it too big a dangle for my liking.) So I will be restringing this one, and saving that gorgeous star for a necklace

I love the colours so much. The ceramic beads are from Bo Hulley. There are also stones and crystals, and my handmade hook. It is strung on waxed Irish linen. So fun to do. With the waxed linen, there is very little expensive silver used, right?

Clasp with balled end:  Here is a tip for other novice wire workers - if you can afford to get some Argentium Sterling Silver when it falls in price a bit, try that for balling the ends on your clasps. It makes such a neat, tidy end because the ball forms in the micro-torch so smoothly. Start trying with copper, but it is easy. You will see how the wire starts to wiggle and then comes up into a ball. With Argentium sterling, there is always a smooth ball that looks so beautiful, and no firescale. I understand that there is germanium replacing the copper as the alloy with the silver. A little polish with a cloth, or I polish mine in a tumbler. Then you will have a tarnish-free shiny clasp. Just try to keep your Argentium tools and tumbling stainless steel just for Argentium; you don't want to start adding copper to negate that tarnish free effect. I find that especially so for my filing microfine papers. I can tell the little squares I use for copper, and the ones I use for Argentium.

Shiny silver vs antiqued - I like both looks, but I am finding some people ask more for the shiny version.

Another project collection.
Here is a grouping of beads I have put together for my next bracelet attempt. The beads are from Jenny of Eclectic Prairie. There are Czech glass beads as well, and the waxed Irish linen. I can't wait to put that together. I haven't decided on a clasp yet - maybe one from my mother's button collection. More on that next.

This is a wrap bracelet that I made while visiting family at Easter. It is the cobra knot with waxed linen and seedbeads. When my mom and I were talking about it, I said I was going to put some kind of button on the end for a clasp, and she got out drawers of her button collection. What fun we had looking through them. My mom still quilts like crazy, but she said I could have all the interesting old buttons because she doesn't sew anymore, well not for making clothes. What a great vintage button we found for this plum/green bracelet, huh? I still haven't quite finished it. Length is still hard for me to decide upon. Have to think on that for a while.

This is my first waxed linen knotted bracelet I made. I only made it long enough to wrap once. Too bad because I love it, but I think a couple of times around my wrist would have been perfect. Ah well, first knotted bracelet. The seedbeads are matte. Love the look. I have a silver/pewter button to add to it as a clasp. Again, I just need to finish it. It will be great layered with other bracelets.

Here is to warmer weather with short sleeves - great for bracelets.

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