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My designs

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A necklace or two

Here are some necklaces I completed, and a groupings of beads for a future piece.

Going back the farthest, is a plummy purple one. This gorgeous hollow bead focal was made by a local Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, lampwork artist, Grace, who owns The Glass Shoppe. This focal is so beautiful.  Grace keeps trying to talk me into taking her intro to lampworking class; I just don't have the time to commit to driving into the city to play with glass (on a regular basis) right now. Young twins, and a full-time job would get in the way. I think that is the type of thing you would have to work at regularly to get any decent results. Plus, there are so many talented lampwork artists out there, I will leave it to them for now. (I did try the enameling class she set up - that was just a blast. Would love to do more of that.)
I first saw lampworking in progress through a window set up in the store adjacent to Grace's glass studio/shop, Canada Bead, which specializes in stones. So I credit Grace with introducing me to my passion with lampwork beads. May I have time in the years to come to try my hand at it.
The smaller beads are by Amy  here, in a dark metallic plum. The findings and chain are from Fallen Angel Brass on Etsy. I thought that the dark chocolate on the bead blended well with that dark brass, to let that focal shine.

I love that look of the large chain at the front with the small chain around the back.

This necklace features a focal by Sheri Mallery, of Slingin Mud, here .The lampwork bead spacers are by Leese of Glass by Leese. The hand-dyed silk ribbon was made by Jamnglass on Etsy as well.
It is very spring-y, n'est pas?

This butterfly focal is made of porcelain, by Nancy of Round Rabbit. I so adore porcelain. The ceramic squares were created by Captured Moments on Etsy. The findings are Fallen Angel Brass. Nancy's pieces sell quickly; I was lucky to get some of her porcelain pieces when she had one of her Round Rabbit Extra listings. They tend to disappear in minutes.

I was striving to keep it simple, to allow the butterfly focal to be star. I know that I tend to add more and more beads. I really made an effort to make some necklaces with less. I really love this one.

This focal was created by Sarah of Slate Studios Supply, here . I love the mix of matte and shiny glaze, plus the design in the background. I paired it with Vintaj findings. The bail is just a link that I bent over (with some filing of the edges to make it smooth for the silk ribbon). I added a little bee to visit the fleur. The silk ribbon was hand-dyed by Shauna Blake, here .
(Sorry for the French words creeping in, my twins are in French immersion in kindergarden, and I am trying to recall more of my French.)
That coral orange with the neutrals is yummy, huh. I didn't get a good angle to show how the flower is raised from the base. A really lovely layered focal that Sarah made, for sure.

Here is a gathering of materials for a new necklace. The ceramic beads  - Gaea, here, are going to be fun to play with. Not sure what else I am going to add, but I am thinking of using the copper wire that I antiqued, and my handmade hook. It looks like I need to shine it up a bit, and seal it. I love doing handfinishing. I may start with wrapping each bead, and make a bail, and then see if I need to add chain or silk or leather. Have to see what it looks like.
Speaking of the hook, I do so love to work with wire to make hooks. That is what I do when I am heading to my work table after a long day of work, and the kids are finally in bed. You know, when it has been one of those days, and I just need to play with the wire. Love that. Some days, 16 gauge is the best relaxing time there is - to bend it and swirl it, and cut it...and the hammering of course.



  1. Wonderful necklaces. Love the ceramic focals, the black chain and the silks. You have a great sense of what goes well together.

  2. And again, more beautiful work! You've been on fire, Andrea. You definitely have great sense of design.

  3. Thank you so much Mary and Susan. I really love putting it all together in the designing phase, but I really want to work on refining the skill of the fine details (like you two).

  4. Fabulous designs! Love the focals, just gorgeous.

  5. Thanks Caron. I love handmade pieces to use in my designs. There are so many talented artists, and I am so glad to have the internet to be able to gather a selection of them.