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My designs

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Winter Doldrums

I have not posted for a long time: family time, and lack of inspiration seem to be the reasons. Plus, I have to set up my lighting configuration each time, and that seems like a lot of work sometimes. Enough excuses.

I am posting some pictures from before Christmas. Note the poor lighting as I just snapped them with my Ottlight at my studio table. I want to post them to encourage me to find my creativity again. There were some other earrings I made and pendants, but I didn't take pictures of them before I wrapped them and gave them away. I think I need a smartphone - hate to break down and spend money that could be better spent on metalworking tools, or beads. However, that might make it easier to get some quick pictures that are better quality.

Here are the pictures from some of the December earrings. Most of the supplies I bought from artisans on Etsy.

Red discs - Alisha White
Etched Turquoise lampwork rounds - Libelula
The clip-on earrings are great because they have a screw setting to adjust it, and then they flip open and closed. (got them from Unkamen supplies)


Blue hollow beads - Alisha White; I love how these look on the long sterling pin I made. I had lots of fun hammering the ends for the curls. The hollow lampwork beads are light for earrings. This is her mini size in the hollow bead.

The top small beads are hard to see, but they are beautiful clear with blue, denim frit (glass bits) melted in, made by Elizabeth Grenon, of Sharlee22. These are perfect for petite earrings.

The dark beads at the bottom are aventurine stones.
The jumpring holding them on, are square Argentium sterling silver (made by Unkamen supplies).

With another (sigh) snowstorm here in eastern Ontario, Canada, I am tired of winter. I need the sunny winter days back with clear roads. Thankfully winter is almost done, this was a last 'dig' at us (pun). Not fair, but then I do live in Canada. There shouldn't be a drought this summer with all of this white stuff to melt and fill the streams and rivers. Does that mean more weeds???

Just seeing these earrings makes me want to get to the metal again, and play with the beads. Hope you are all having creative fun.



  1. Nice work, Andrea. I bet you find your inspiration again when Spring arrives. It sounds like you just need a change from cold temperatures, snow, and the colors of Winter. ~Creativity vibes are winging their way up north to you~

  2. Thanks Susan. We got lots of snow and lots of sunshine to sparkle the snow this winter, but enough is enough with this wet snow melting into puddles. This is not the pretty stuff, and it is heavy to shovel. Good for snowmen though.

  3. beautiful jewellery, I love your style!

  4. Love those long stemmed earrings and those super cool curls on the ends. They are so elegant and mod at the same time. Hope winter hurries up and gets over.

  5. Thank you for the kind comments. Most of these were made for a young woman, so I was trying to make clip-on earrings that were not 'old' looking. Now that I look at them, I should make some more of that long silver stick kind, with those perfectly made hollow beads.